Dreams never lay dormant in the minds of those who are passionate. They are meticulously engineered and executed with precision. As a conscious-casual apparel and life brand; Details Matter embodies this philosophy with every product it releases. We focus on lasting statement pieces that deliver a positive message and a practical approach. Always favoring quality, comfort, and design in order to construct the essential items needed for your journey towards success. 

Details Matter understands the importance of addressing the fine points. We supply our family with the tools that are instrumental for personal and professional growth. It is necessary for us to champion those who immerse themselves in their craft while simultaneously living a holistic lifestyle. By establishing a culture that celebrates individuality and persistence, we strive to constantly uplift those around us.

The compass has historically been a symbol of discernment. The infinite circle it creates mirrors the never-ending tenacity of those who live the Details Matter lifestyle. Implementing this approach allows us all to transform dreams into reality. Wearing and utilizing our products becomes an outward expression of freedom. We become tastemakers that move the needle forward. We are the innovators. We are the navigators. We are the details.