Mar 7, 2018

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Danilo Lewis

An Interview

Tour life is undoubtedly strenuous on the mind and body. Navigating through various time zones in a short period can create an interesting paradox. It breeds inspiration and creativity while simultaneously diminishing energy and a healthy lifestyle. This is something photographer Danilo Lewis is accustomed to. Known for his lifestyle and concert work, Señor Lewis has made it his mission to capture the most detailed moments out on the road. Today, we catch up with him before he sets to depart on yet another trip. Currently, documenting the Chainsmokers (as they embark on their latest European tour), Danilo has been able to generate a lot of content that has been beneficial for both the band and his own personal brand. In our conversation he provides stories of his upbringing and excellent insight into how to be successful in the industry.

Can you pinpoint a specific moment in where your goal of becoming an artist was conceived?

I was always a hobbyist photographer. Along the road a good friend of mine, who happens to be a DJ, was looking to generate some content for his artist profile. He would eventually ask me to take photographs of him during his sets. I made myself available and made sure I was able to assist in any way I could. Eventually, his promoter approached me and asked if I could take similar photos for other acts and shows. This was the first time I realized that I could actually make a living out of this. It was all I can think of moving forward.

Even before this though, I always considered myself creative. My mom likes to take the credit and say it is because of her as she is an artist herself. When I was young I would always sit next to her whenever she would paint or draw. I subconsciously picked up traits from her as I saw her express her creativity.

What has been the biggest challenge in obtaining your goals and what fuels you to continue the journey?

One of the biggest challenges I faced was staying ahead of trends. In the beginning I found myself attempting to follow what everyone was doing. I believed that emulating what other successful people were doing would be my quickest path to success. I rapidly learned that this was not the approach to take. I needed to stay ahead of the curve and carve out my own way. Establish my own, unique, technique to capture the moments I felt to be the most impactful.

Is there a specific style you try to convey in your photography?

I would like people to feel present when they view my work. As if they were actually there when the photograph was taken. I want to provide people with an experience that allows them to see the colors as I saw it or pick up a particular smell. Transporting audiences to these concerts is an incredible feeling. Lately, I have been sharing a lot of lifestyle and behind the scenes photography. I like to see the interactions fans have with these particular photos. It highlights the artists’ personality traits, which is often rare to see.

Can you list the key characteristics needed for professional and/or personal development?

One of the biggest things that individuals need to develop in any industry is thick skin. When striving to obtain your dreams, you are going to hear face a lot of rejection. It is important to note that these rejections assist in developing your character and your work. Not everyone is going to like your work. Make sure you learn from the mistakes you have made and gravitate towards those individuals who lift you up.

How do you define success?

I actually don’t feel as though I have “made it” yet. Success is viewed differently according to the individual. If people feel inspired by viewing my work, if it makes them want to explore the world, or just live their best life, then I will feel like I am successful.

Why is paying attention to details so vital?

Paying attention to details is extremely important. In my work for instance, there are a million things happening during a concert. You have to be aware of it all and capture specific moments. A lot of people come together to create these events, therefore; you have to capture all of the details in order to properly do each moment justice. Being aware of all of the details is being aware of your surroundings.