Jan 10, 2017

The current U.S. political landscape is shining a profusely warm spotlight over the nation’s capital. Although the excessive media coverage burdening your newsfeed provides a rapid snapshot of present-day DC, the city is just as quickly creating a reputation of housing some of the premier restaurants in the industry.

After the unveiling of the first-ever Washington Michelin Guide, the two-star recipient, Pineapple and Pearls, solidified it’s mark as one of the most noteworthy dining experiences in the area. Instantly, the acclaimed restaurant became a popular destination on the hill; proving the five-month wait for reservations to be more than worthwhile. Luckily, the welcoming coffee bar will keep your motors running while you anxiously await that date.

No need to dine-in to appreciate the attention to details as they are evident throughout the shop. Gold trims are meticulously placed on their coffee cups, carryout bags and restaurant décor. Order the savory breakfast burrito and/or cinnamon roll and you are treated as graciously as if you were being served a four-course meal. The uniquely tiled floors, tropical plants and upscale ambiance coincide with the brands aesthetics. It is apparent that the major ingredient in the success of Pineapple and Pearls is understanding that Details Matter.